When should I book my maternity shoot?

I advise six to ten weeks before your due date, but…..
Scheduling depends on how your pregnancy is coming along. Schedule earlier if you’re slowing down or having more than one baby. Schedule a time when you’re feeling great and you like your shape.
28 to 36 weeks.

What should I wear or bring?

Maternity Shoot: 
Bring anything you feel comfortable in and LOVE.
Trousers – jeans, Combat, casual (any color), black smart /Leggings 
Shirts – big, white,  man’s shirt 
/ Vest top/ Tshirts- anything fitted or stretchy in solid colors (white, black, red, blue…)
Avoid patterns, stripes logos and prints unless they truly are a big part of your identity they are very distracting.
Underwear: Supportive bra. G sting or shorties for semi nudes.

Baby Shoot: 
Long sleeved plain top, unless your happy with your upper arms, One light one dark. 
As baby is the star its more about your hands face if you are going to be in the photos with baby.
For Baby
Matching hats and booties.
Favourite blanket, Teddy, Family heirloom and toys.

About makeup for Mum both for Maternity and Baby Shoots. 
Beautiful, feminine, natural makeup makes a huge difference to the images and the way you feel.

What should my husband / partner wear?
Other halfs should bring jeans, combat style or any other dark bottoms, shirt, fitted  Tshirt, too.
Bring solid, dark colors like black, dark brown, navy blue and charcoal gray tops and bottoms. Layers are great; wear the t-shirt under a crew- or v-neck sweater or jacket.
As you are the supporting act to Baby or Maternity shoots your clothing should be descreet, again more about hands and face… Unless you have something uniquely visual about yourselves which would be good to incoroprate…

How should I prepare for my shoot?
You may wish to get a manicure (and a pedicure if Maternity) a day or two in advance 
Plan makeup. You’ll get the best photos if you do your own makeup or even visit a makeup counter (book at any department store) prior to your shoot. 
Don’t wear anything over tight or binding to a Maternity shoot – you don’t want marks on your skin.

What does the photographer provide?
Background colors including white, black, brown mottled. Most women opt for white or black, but we can create whatever suits your taste.
Tullie and taffeta.
Many Newborn headbands, hats and baby wraps.

Can I restrict the photographer’s use?
I completely understand that you might not want to share these very personal images with the world. Just let me know and I will most certainly respect your privacy. I would never use a photo for my own publicity or website without checking that you were comfortable with it.